Siddharth Chandrasekaran
Work Experience
Member of Technical Staff SilverPencil Tech Services (Chennai, India) Dec 2016 - Present

Client is a data analytics company that did higher level data processing over health devices. These devices used Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart (BLE) for communication. Was responsible for profile validation and API development.

The primary objective is to extract data from a Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart (BLE) device using open source tools and build an API for iOS/Android apps to interact with the device.

  • Validate the device's compliance to protocol using Bluez's GATT tools (gatttool)
  • Interacting with a BLE device with the Linux Bluez stack in C
  • Android application development for reading GATT characteristics from Bluetooth LE device
Engineering Consultant (Firmware Development) SilverPencil Tech Services (Chennai, India) Jun 2014 - Nov 2016

Client manufactures industrial data loggers for the pharmaceutical industry. Data integrity, redundancy and high availability are some of the key requirements. The loggers collect the data (analog or digital) and monitor them for breach in set points to trigger alarm conditions. The collected data is pushed to the server for mining

The datalogger is an IoT device that could be configured and firmware upgraded remotely (FOTA). It was implemented in PIC24 (16 bit) with 256kb flash and 32kb RAM by a team of 4 developers (I was lead developer). The firmware was developed in such a way that it ran on multiple hardware (2 product lines with variation in feature set in each) without any software changes.

  • Implemented Firmware Over-The-Air(FOTA). Had support for forced and normal upgrade.
  • Developed an emulation layer for target embedded platform on GCC to reduce software turnaround time.
  • Worked extensively on TCP/IP (L3 and L4)
  • Implemented a liny light weight HTTP server from scratch
  • Developed a non-blocking AT command set handler for GMS/GPRS (M2M) type modules
  • Implemented a BSD like socket wrapper layer over the low level AT commands
  • Clean separation of GLCD layout section and data sections
  • Plot data from SD card in the form of line and bar graph in a 240x128 GLCD
  • Created a build process on GNU Make with auto dependence generation for any depth in source files
Research Intern Tiino Reserch Labs, Tiino Techmations (Coimbatore, India) Nov 2013 - Mar 2014

Tiino was developing a product on wireless sensor network based parking assistance system for large complexes with multiple points of entry. This product’s research work along with working prototypes was presented as a bachelor’s thesis "A WSN based parking assistance/guidance system" for energy conservation.

It is a smart parking assistance system for malls and shopping centers that have multilevel parking lots to contain a large number of cars at the same time. The system provides a WSN based parking lot monitoring and guidance system that will enable the workers to monitor the parking lot with the help of a GUI.

  • Made prototype hardware with PIC18 and CC2500
  • CC2500 interface through SPI with PIC microcontrollers
  • Feasibility study on viable hardware and software techniques
  • Wireless mesh protocol analysis for low power design
Freelance Engineer and Blogger EmbedJournal (Chennai, India) May 2012 - Present

EmbedJournal is a popular tech blog on embedded systems, robotics, and electronics. I own and administer it (proudly). It has a been attracting a lot of organic traffic since early 2013. Some of my writings have been featured in a number of other peer blogs from time to time.

GLEM is a tiny graphical LCD emulator for embedded platforms and other small projects that need a one-off GUI to display some data without having to worry about window management.

  • Interprocess communication with shared memory and UNIX domain sockets
  • OpenGL library integration
  • Providing libraries for users to include in their application
  • Conducted a 2 day workshop at IIT Roorkee on Mobile Robots with dedicated hands-on session.
  • Occasionally taken up freelance embedded projects when time permits.
  • Created this ( website. After brushing up HTML and CSS from school days.
Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Anand Institute of Higher Technology (Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai, India) Jun 2010 - May 2014

Was exposed to, Digital Circuits, Power Electronics, Embedded Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Linear Integrated Circuits, Fundamentals of Computing, Control Systems and Digital Signal Processing.

During the four years of collge, I had done a number of projects - including one for Mahindra Group - under the guidance of our college faculty members. Some notable works are listed below

The device, designed to be placed in vehicles to log various parameters (digital and analog) and transfer real time data to a server with a GSM/GPRS modem. A PC application was written to configure the device in field.

  • Full embedded hardware and software design
  • Analog and Digital I/O monitoring and logging based on configuration settings
  • GPS integration to get location stamp for the logged data.
  • Transfer real time data to cloud server

The robot featured a 6 DOF custom robotic arm made out of acrylic. It was designed to pick objects as heavy as 200gms. It could also do color detection and navigation with image processing using OpenCV.

  • Hardware design of the Robot and the Robotic Arm
  • Control the position and refreshing rate of several servo motors
  • Ultrasonic Range detection and obstacle avoidance
  • Communication between the PC and Microcontroller
  • Communication between the PC and the embedded system to transfer processed image data

The robot can traverse a grid type track with some nodes to touch and some nodes to omit (based on problem statement) in the shortest possible path. These nodes are marked by different colored plates placed at the node. It uses image processing algorithms to detect the color of the plate.

  • Responsible for full hardware design for the robot and electronics.
  • Robot locomotion and grid solver algorithm development
  • 4 point and 3 point node detection with IR sensors
  • Communication between the PC and Microcontroller
  • C program to access the Linux PC’s UART to send the detected color to the controller
  • Presented a paper “Fast Charging system for Battery and Hybrid Electric vehicles” for IEDC 2012 New Delhi
  • Presented a paper “Bluetooth based vehicle logging system for personal safety” for IEDC 2013 New Delhi
  • Attended a national level conference on High Voltage and Sequential detection principles at IIT Madras
  • Second Place at Eupraxia 2012 Autonomous Robotics event held at SSN College of Engineering
DSP Programming and Applications DSP Learning Center IIT-M (Chennai, India) Mar 2013

Intensive (2 Weeks) workshop on Analog Device’s BlakFin processors conducted by IIT-Madras in association with Analog Devices. Analog Devices – IIT Madras DSP Learning Center.

Embedded Systems With Advanced PIC 18F MCUs Microchip Technology Inc., License 013614 (Bangalore, India) Aug 2012

A hands on training (2 Weeks) organized by Microchip Technology Inc., conducted by EFY India at Bangalore for the PIC 18F family of Microcontrollers.

Foundation Of Embedded Systems NXNvision Solution, License NXN/2012/03/00002 (Chennai, India) Mar 2012

An Introductory session for Embedded Systems focusing on the theory and practice of Embedded System Software and Hardware design with the 8051 Microcontrollers.